The United States of America is so obviously fractured. We live in troubled times. And as we fight to deem who and what is right, the fracture grows. And an increasingly divided society suffers inestimable consequence.

We talk about the symptoms believing they are the cause. But the cause of such human fracture lies deep. Far deeper than we’ve cared to look.


What if we were to gaze deeply into the Soul of this Nation. What if we were to listen to its innermost voice. A voice that exists far beyond the ideas of right and wrong. What if a Nation was turned towards an Inner View of itself.


Above is a short sequence of a fraction of some of the initial film shot on an initial witnessing tour.

Note from Nic: I have started the project but am seeking a PATRON/PARTNER to help bring this to life at a time that so obviously could use it.

If this is you or someone you know of, do send me a MESSAGE.