‘… in those life experiences of our greatest pain and suffering also comes the greatest love and beauty, and transformation.’

This is a film about sudden loss, and the experience of telling a young child that her Father had died.

Sarah is outwardly gregarious. If one were to remain observing from afar, or even from ‘closer-in’ engaged in the conversations that fill normal days, that is one might assume. But I’ve come to realize that each person is not what they might seem on first glance. 

In This Time of Chaos

In this time of visceral chaos
what if this were the
last time I were to see you.

Might the possibility of
words left unsaid
haunt the rest of my days.

There is so often a tremendous hidden depth. I think each of us might hurt. And each of us might be in some fashion lost. If we were to gift our full and undivided attention to another, then we might recognize ourselves in the reflection. And then where would we be?