~ current one to one over zoom


A single one-to-one Inner View session with Nic. Filmed and b+w footage delivered back with instructions on how to view in respect to personal transformation and self knowledge.


An ongoing coaching relationship using Inner View film and other modes and technologies.

Let us know WHERE you are in the World.


These few recent words from a participant in a group Zoom call who spent less than 10 minutes one-to-one in the Inner View process.

Dear Nic, something has landed in me during that Point of Us Zoom call. Deeper than probably ever before. I will share this with you in two ways;

One. Via something I heard you say. Not a pre-written text, so I believe, but coming through you in that moment. Two. In my own words. Those few minutes one-to-one with you on that Zoom call resulted in an irrevocable shift.

First your words as I heard them, which resulted in utter relief and relaxation within me; “Let’s just sit here and be present with each other. Undefended. There is nothing I require from you. I need nothing from you. You need nothing from me. Unconditional Belonging.”

Then my words; “So much efforting. Years. Decades. To overcome the not-belonging. While creating it. Through that very act. On that call the veil lifted. 9 days later. I still belong. I always have. Who knew.” Marai Kiele