The underlying focus of all speaking, keynote and program engagements is on inner potential, and our capacity for a greater impact on the world around us. The interior world lies largely unexplored, yet defines much of the experience of a life. Our potential lies deep. These engagements are a visceral exploration of these depths and of this potential.

As such it is education from a completely different origin point. Not from the stage to the floor but from one’s own inner experience to oneself. For it is here that transformation occurs.


  • Geographical Explorer to Business Managing Director, now an acclaimed Film Maker
  • Two decades exploring human connection, authenticity and insight with respect to the transformation of our lives, work and society
  • Long running Soul Biographies film series exploring our inner world and its demonstrable effects on life and work
  • Developed a unique cinematic method to help people gain profound insight and reveal themselves and their work with a spellbinding authenticity


ATTENTION : the revolutionary act of unconditional attention and how it might change how we live and work together

INSIGHT : how our own insight can transform us from the inside out, and lead to unimaginable creativity

IMPACT : what humanity could be and our part in it – an exploration of  our own inner potential

PEACE : how to be at peace in one’s own skin

planning note: each topic can be configured to include relevant elements withjin the other topics



You might like to investigate having Nic becoming a creative partner in your event, using Inner View as an experience profoundly woven into your event so as to cause participants to be more present, engaged, open to learning and deeply connected with each other.



  • A profoundly unique experience using unconventional means, causing unconventional effect
  • Using selected pieces from two decades of filming the human soul, monochrom photographic portraits and profoundly piercing words focusing on human connection, authenticity and insight – made relevant to the event
  • Can include the live cinematic inner exploration of subjects projected to large scale screens, as a demonstration of authenticity, insight, connection and who we are
  • Tailored focus for each audience (e.g. culture, inclusion, creativity, leadership)
  •  45 minutes to half day formats
  • Group Size: small boardrooms to large auditoriums
  • Can include the recording of film and photographic portraits depending on format. This can extend past the keynote and across a full conference (film focused on conference core subject, testimonials and more)

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Nic brought his energy, art and love of life to our annual Investor Gathering. His opening poetry, words and films set the stage for an amazing few days. His vision and request of the same from all, energized and inspired. The result was a highly successful and memorable event and a beautiful record in the black and white photographic portraits and film for which he is quite famous.

Howard Fischer, Co-Founder Gratitude Railroad Impact Investment

Nic is a rare genius when it comes to capturing the essential human being that lies beneath the masks we choose to wear. He’s developed a unique way of communicating truth in a way I’ve not seen elsewhere on the planet. The value is simple, deep and far reaching.

Tim Gallwey, Pioneer in Psychology & Author of ’The Inner Game Series’

Nic’s keynote brought a strong connection through a deep sense of humanity. In spite of being a group of hundreds the intimacy felt like we were in a living room. We watched him work his craft with a subject on stage whilst offering us our own experience of going inward individually. In a world of speakers trying educate, inspire and transform with rich content, Nic’s seeming simplicity of approach punches extraordinarily deep. He stands out in a field of his own when it comes to speakers.

Tony Lillios. Co-Founder Speck Products

Through a miraculous process with the camera and live-projection Nic enables a group to rediscover its common humanity.

Verne Harnish, Founder Entrepreneurs’ Organization

Nic was a keynote speaker for us at Entrepreneurs’ Organization Alchemy 500 person conference. His approach to life and the stage is like no other. Our attendees walked away with a completely new outlook on thinking, feeling and being.

Kyle McClelland, 2021 EO Alchemy Chair

By some magic, Nic captures people openly and without defence or pretense, so that you get the real person, their integrity, their doubts, their joy. In short, an insight into their soul.

Dr. Scilla Elworthy, 3 Time Nobel Peace Prize Nominee



For a greater sense of the experience of this work you can read more testimonials.


from event attendees “Within moments everything that is not important somehow falls away” | “It is like revelation and deja vu, both at the the same time” | “Nothing has changed but everything is different” | “I figured out where true strength comes from” | “This is utterly beautiful and something that can’t be undone” | “I felt free” | “It’s still reverberating inside me” | “I have never been in a space like that before” | “I was left with a profound sense of calm” | “I felt such a deep connection” | “I was found by something of tremendous importance, the reason for our organization”