NEWS: new date added. Booking open now for APRIL 7

“I felt free” | “It’s still reverberating inside me” | “I have never been in a space like that before” | “It resulted in an irrevocable shift. The veil lifted.” | “I was left with a profound sense of calm” | “I felt hope that we would become a tribe” | “I felt such a deep connection” | “I’m able to hear guidance more clearly” | “The call gave me hope for the world”

Covid-19 appears to be dominating the Human World. I wondered how I might contribute.

Here is a series of Zoom video experiences exploring the Human Soul with the profound Inner View ‘process’. Revealing where answers to the underlying predicaments of Us might lie. NEW DATE JUST PUBLISHED as the first 3 dates filled on the first day.

Do not under-estimate the profound ability for Inner View to work in this format. On Zoom and inclusive of Us. Surrender, Peace and all that comes with that. All that is relevant for this time.

SEE SOME OF THE COMMENTS from the previous sessions. Included below.

Most of our time will be IN the experience of exploration itself. Employing all I know of Inner View, so that we might pay attention to what might be attempting to find us.

Come without answers or specific requirement. Two important elements of such exploration.

Inner View so often runs deep with an inexplicable feeling of ‘Us’. This online experience has shown itself to be the same. Us. Together. Belonging without condition.

This is akin to watching a Soul Biography being made live, and at the same time allowing a profound experience to find its way deep into your bones.


You will need to register to secure a place and receive access details. NOTE, we are now going to charge US$5 as a nominal commitment for each session.

We will be using the ZOOM meeting platform (we all SEE each other, this is not a broadcast webinar). You will be able to use your web browser, or smart phone/tablet (Zoom App) with your camera. Or a telephone line (local access numbers) if you’d prefer to call in (but you will not SEE).

Each meeting will be an original, and not a repeat performance.








You can convert US Central to your time zone HERE. Note: 12pm US Central is currently 6pm in the UK.

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A few words emailed in by participants (us) after the last Zoom Experience.

‘The words flowed then and flow now like the murmuration of a flock of birds. I felt free.’

‘I was in awe. It felt beautiful to be in the space with people from all around the world at the same moment, and joined in spirit. I have never been in a space like that before. I feel moved. Actually I still feel still joined to the people and the space.’

‘The call gave me hope for the world.’

“Something has landed in me during that Point of Us Zoom call. Deeper than probably ever before. Those few minutes one-to-one with you on that Zoom call resulted in an irrevocable shift. So much efforting. Years. Decades. To overcome the not-belonging. While creating it. Through that very act. On that call the veil lifted. 9 days later. I still belong. I always have. Who knew.”

‘Everyone was willing to be quiet, peaceful and respectful, ready to speak or be silent as the spirit moved them. And I felt deeply connected to you and everyone around the world who participated.’

‘Loved the pace. It leaves me with the sense of a ‘new’ way of being born. Amazing to be connected in a real sense to people I will never meet.’

‘It’s still reverberating inside me and I’m enjoying the peace.’

‘I got off the call lit up by the presence of so many luminous souls, those who spoke and those whose photos I saw in their boxes at the bottom of the screen, including myself. I felt such a deep connection and a certainty that we are friends on a deep soul level.’

‘The experience for me was a ‘pause’ amidst the chaos, fear, anger and survival.’

‘I was left with a profound sense of calm.’

‘Coming together in group coherence was uplifting and expansive. I’m able, from this connectedness, to hear guidance more clearly, as I experienced the Divinity of all on this Zoom call.’

‘For the first time in the last week, I felt hope that we would become a tribe.’

‘Sitting with ‘nothing required’ and ‘not having to look’ and ‘something will find you’ has much space, and is what I have trusted for eons. So good to hear it from someone other than myself.’

‘What a balm for the soul in these troubled times.’

‘I think I’ve heard ‘there’s nowhere to go and nothing to do‘ about 278 times before from different people I respect, but there was always a sense for me of internally nodding my head and going ‘right, I get it but do I just sit here and bliss out?’ I have things I want to do, hmmm I think I’ll just stay confused”. Then in an instant I saw I can still do anything I want to do, just minus any trying.’

~ these few minutes are essentially the invitation for this experience and all of the Point of Us work to come

~ this is coming very soon. If you are on the LIST you will be the first to know